About Us

Seeing the overwhelming need for professional and dependable technology management, consulting, and support services, we set out to provide a complete IT service under one roof - one that consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients.

The story of Dynamic Technical Solutions's success is linked directly to the quality of our service. As a result of our quality driven approach, we continue to grow, earning the trust and accounts of companies throughout the southland, as well as of many “brick-and-mortar” companies in virtually every existing industry.

We believe our position at your table is earned, and we continuously earn that position by bringing value to your business. Through our proactive methods, we're able to monitor network activity down to the device level. This means we're able to detect problems before your employees (or you) complain about them. By following these utilization trends we're able to accurately budget your IT expenses. No more purchasing computers that don’t last 3 years, or needlessly spending money that could be put to better use elsewhere in the company. But, saving money on equipment purchasing is not the only way we earn our position as your partner.

Continuous evaluation of your current business technology helps ensure we're always on point. By evaluating your business, and the technology required to support it, we can provide the best service plan for your business and save you substantial amounts of money every month.

Business processes are another area of value. We help you improve performance around the office by first observing current business processes, then proposing improvements. Often times these improvements are as simple as changing how you are using current technology and solutions already implemented. In some cases Dynamic Technical Solutions will recommend changes to technology.

As you can see, Dynamic Technical Solutions is not your regular break/fix computer guy. We are a long-term partner and trusted advisor, and we earn that position by bringing value to you and your business every day.