Scalable and secure by design.

Our Managed IT Department platform utilizes a multi-team based approach, leveraging different mindsets for different tasks. For example; Support Desk engineers are permissive by nature, they just want to help you make things work. And our security team is inquisitive by nature to ensure proper management of security protocols. Both are great mindsets for their given roles.

Identity Management

Using Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), we’re able to secure the majority of today’s applications. Your team members use one secure account to access everything.

Critical Security & Protection

DTS employs a suite of best-of-breed solutions, all tightly integrated in order to seamlessly protect all of your endpoints and application data.

  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Managed Next Gen Firewall
  • Advanced Endpoint Defense
  • Protective Filtering
  • Patch Approval & Management
  • Backups – Offsite, encrypted and regularly tested.
  • Password Policy
  • User Awareness Training
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Network Assessment
  • Secure DNS
  • Darkweb Monitoring

Security Operations Center (SOC)

In partnership with BLOKWORX

SOC Supported Critical+

  • Threat Hunting – Deploy advanced detection tools to identify threats.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – Segment, segment, segment, plus access control.

SOC Supported Security Compliance

  • Access Control – Role & Permission based access
  • SIEM – Complete visibility + Compliance Reporting
  • Change Management – Maintain accountability of who did what, when.
  • Data Encryption – Protect in motion and at rest.
  • Digital Certificates – Verify identity and encrypt data in transit.
  • Encrypted Config Backups – Automate and encrypt device backups.
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan – Keep the business running!

Device Management

Each device added to an organization managed by DTS has a policy associated with it. That policy defines which software is installed, uninstalled, and/or alerted on. Common problems are proactively fixed by remediating a device that falls out of policy compliance.

  • Endpoint Health Monitoring
  • Device Management Policies
  • Software Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Device Remediation


A simple form notifies DTS of needed changes. From there, designated applications or other changes can be provisioned. We do the same when an employee leaves, eliminating rogue accounts and operations overhead.

  • Cloud Application Provisioning
  • Centralized access control

Tailored Support

DTS bridges the gap where most fail: the support. By deploying and empowering a consistent primary point-of-contact consultant for both onsite and remote support, you can rest assured that you’re speaking with someone who always knows your people and business best.

  • Single-Point-of-Contact relationship
  • Deeper knowledge of your business and people
  • Faster problem resolution

Core Applications Included

Files, email, and collaboration apps are core to every business. We work with you to choose what fits your business goals and processes best and secure it within our platform.

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Cloud File Storage
  • Email and Email Security